Sample Page

Hello! This site is set up as a demo area to show clients design layouts. We do this as part of the design process whenever we start working on a new site for a client.

If you’ve come here expecting to find something else, you can contact us by visiting our main website at

….if on the other hand this design layout is for you…

Let us know your thoughts. Almost everything can be changed at this point, colours, layout, font-styles, menu’s, you name it, it can be customised further if desired.

This is the current, standard typeface for the site. This site will re-size itself to fit just about any screen resolution or hand-held device – try it for yourself by making your browser window wider or narrower.

Headers can be added to flag important areas like this;

The BIG bold header

Still a BIG header

A Medium header

A relatively Small header

A Small header
The Smallest header, but like everything else, they can all be changed!

We can do lists;

  • This is a list, it can contain other things too;
  • Like a Quote
  • Or yet another style of Quote

A list with numbers;

  1. Would look
  2. like this
  3. over as many
  4. lines as you
  5. like

All of the usual text styling attributes you see on websites can be implemented to add emphasis, to pick out certain text or make your reader focus on a particular section. Of course, using all of these together usually makes for a messy paragraph or sentence!

Images, the more the better.
Web pages look better with lots of images
Everyone likes pictures, they grab attention and can make even the most boring of topics interesting.

Well, there’s a brief introduction to this layout design. Not the most interesting page on the web, perhaps, but hey, it’s only an acorn of a starting point, from which great things grow.